About the Founder

Ed Schafer, J.D., Recovery Coach


Ed Schafer was born in Rock Hill, SC but spent most of his youth in the Pee Dee of SC. He is a Hartsville High Red Fox and got a full academic scholarship to The Citadel. He graduated cum laude from the Honors Program at The Citadel with a B.S. Biology/ Minor: Psychology. After graduation he backpacked around Europe, wrote six-digit federal grants for the Medical University of SC, and directed a statewide pediatric early literacy program (ROAR-SC).

He then attended the University of SC School of Law. Upon graduation, he had a successful 17 year start to his career as a lawyer lobbyist for the SC Association of Counties, Municipal Association of SC, Manufactured/Modular Housing Institute of SC, Able SC, Disability Rights SC, and the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. He is a Class of 2019 Leadership Columbia Graduate.

His proudest life accomplishment thus far is becoming sober on 7/12/21. Below is a poem Ed wrote when he was at Pavillon Treatment Facility for the second time.

He since has become a Certified Peer Support Specialist aka Recovery Coach.

Sly as a Fox, Slick as a Snake

Sly as a fox, slick as a snake
My addiction is cunning, it knows how to take
My family, my job, my friends are on the line
It keeps telling me, they’ll all be fine.
Thinking of all the fun and good times we’ve had
Surely all of this outweighs the bad.
I love the smell, I love the taste
It could even go nice with a turkey baste.
That feeling I got that made me just chill,
I couldn’t get enough, I couldn’t get my fill.
The Citadel, USC Law, 2 wives, 2 kids, 5 jobs
It took 28 years for me to see how alcohol robs.

Sly as a fox, slick as a snake,
My addiction is cunning it knows how to take.
I drank when times were good, I drank when times were bad.
In 2011 when my dad died, it just made me more sad.
My dad was my hero, cancer took him too young.
I think I was lost because his song was not sung.
I drank more and more to handle my grief.
I didn’t believe that my friend, alcohol, was a thief.
My mom was worried that I was gonna die.
She sent me to Pavilion, I was living a lie.
I told myself that my drinking wasn’t that bad.
I thought she was just sad because we had lost dad.
I stayed sober for maybe a year
And then I told myself, I could have some beer.
It took 9 years for it to take over again,
But this time around, I knew alcohol wasn’t my friend.

Sly as a fox, slick as a snake,
My addiction is cunning, it knows how to take.
I called Pavilion and booked my stay.
I’ve had it with the taking, I ain’t gonna play.
I’m committed to doing all that I can
To beat this disease and be a better man!

Delta, GSD, Therapy Dog


Named after Ed’s Citadel Company, Delta goes everywhere with Ed. She came into his life as a puppy a little over a year before he got sober. She is very well socialized because most of her first year of life was spent in bars. She loves the water and is a great frisbee catcher. She now serves as a therapy dog, bringing joy to everywhere she goes with Ed.